Teddy Bear Bilingual

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TEDDY BEAR BILINGUAL provides tailored educational solutions for pre-primary, primary, elementary and secondary schools, which build upon its own methodology and focus on the construction of knowledge and the cognitive and socio-emotional development of students.
About 350 million people worldwide speak English as a first or native language. And the most surprising thing is that one in five people in the world speak English as a second or additional language.

Communication is a highly valued competence in this century, and by offering students the possibility of communicating in more than one language, educational institutions expand their students' access to an increasingly connected world.

Within this context, studying English since childhood is essential to properly stimulate the cognitive process and facilitate the acquisition of the language, allowing the individual to achieve both fluency and proficiency.
Developed by Teddy Bear Bilingual, the curriculum was designed to provide a personalized service for pre-primary, primary, elementary and secondary schools, using the Teddy Bear methodology, combining the best of English language teaching with the teaching method of each institution.

Students gradually become bilingual, expanding their knowledge as they learn about other academic content through interdisciplinary projects conducted wholly in English.
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