About us

A magical environment that transforms lives!
The founders of Teddy Bear met dating: he was an employee of a large communication group and she was recently trained in languages.

His day-to-day life was traditional, he carried out advertising activities, he had a steady job, he answered to his bosses and life was fine, if a bit boring. But she was passionate about education, the exchange of knowledge and loved teaching and had only one certainty: one day she would own her own business, a specialized English school for children and teenagers!

In December 1988, the future founder, shortly after graduating, decided to live for a while in London, England. She carried a dream in her heart to open her own school and, to help make this happen, she worked as a waitress and was thus able to stay abroad longer and improve her English. All the while, a new teaching methodology was being born in her mind.

This methodology was still in an embryonic phase when she returned in 1989, but despite this, our courageous couple decided to officially open their own business: the only English school in southern Brazil for children and teenagers, Teddy Bear.

They opened their first school in the Coqueiros neighbourhood, in Florianópolis. And thanks to the quality of the service provided, coupled with the good relationship of the partners, which enabled greater visibility of the actions in the local media, the business thrived.

So, in 1997 and 2000, the second and third units of the school were born, in the city centre, after a long consultancy and research process to define the best location. Teddy Bear has more than 30 years’ experience in the education sector with a strong track record of success. We are now expanding into the Cultural, Digital and Bilingual market segments.

In this time, thousands of students have graduated from its programs - students who have fulfilled their potential as individuals and who have now become successful professionals in their own right.
Our mission is to create the conditions in which to allow the future agents of change in our world to thrive, and we do this through five values, our pillars:
Facilitating a creative mindset
Nurturing human talent
Creating engagement
Being deeply aware of how a child develops
Fostering innovation
We are driven by the desire to be the principal stimulus for human evolution through offering a new educational approach, one in which learning English goes well beyond learning about a new culture, but that also empowers each individual to express themselves and reach their full potential.